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Welcome To Papa Bear Hats!

kids enjoying papabear hats!

Papa Bear’s Handcrafted Activities for Teachers and
are enjoyed by children and adults alike.  They are simple, fun crafts which can be used at school, camp, church, day care or in the comfort of your own home.  This book incorporates arts and crafts with storytelling, math skills, history, social studies, fairy tales, and play acting.  Through the experience of Papa Bear’s “hat craft techniques” children, parents, and educators alike will enjoy learning while expanding their creativity and imagination.  The children will be inspired to read and learn more about the themed topics.  Enjoy!

Comments & Accolades-

“…Papa Bear’s Hats, is a marvelous way to teach reading, history, science, and humanities in the classroom while providing the child a ‘make and take’ project which serves to reinforce the lesson.” – Vickie L. Brunner, Family Programs Coordinator, Salvador Dali Museum

“The title of Bruce’s book should be entitled The Most Easy, Enjoyable, and Exciting Hat Making Art Project on the Planet.” –Adam Smith, Elementary Teacher

“During the holidays, maintaining learning in the classroom can be difficult because of the excitement about the holiday approaching.  With the ‘Hat Book’, not only are you feeding into the excitement, but you are maintaining a sense of learning!” –Trish Dolatowski, ESE Teacher

“This book is one I will enjoy reading to and sharing with students as well as adults.  It will be an honor to have Bruce Werthwein do a book talk on his book and share it with our students and families.” – Kathy Kaburis, Assistant Principal, Administrator

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