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Hancrafted Activities for Teachers and Students
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Papa Bear’s “hat craft techniques” have been enjoyed for years by teachers, children, and parents.  For the first time, these techniques have been compiled into a book, fully illustrated, and user friendly.  These hat crafts are simple, fun, and inexpensive to reproduce.  Just follow the step by step instructions on Papa Bear’s Chalkboard.
     The hat patterns can be reproduced through tracing, using a copier, or even a light box. Once the pattern is reproduced, the children can then decorate their pattern while the teacher or parent read to them from Papa Bear’s Notes, found on the scroll pages.  These notes are enjoyably educational, relating specifically to each hat. 
     Each themed section contains a fully colored, ready to wear sample hat.  This hat can be worn by the teacher, parent, or student during each activity.  This inspires the children’s creativity, while providing a completed example, as well as encouraging the imagination.
     The hat craft techniques are simple to use.  This book incorporates arts and crafts with storytelling, math skills, history, social studies, fairy tales, and play acting. 

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